While on lunch break I had some time to stop into Redwing to check out the wares and see which pair may be for me. I've mentioned before that I've been embracing a more rugged aesthetic and I guess it's hard to get more rugged than Redwing. The thing is, PR companies and blogs embracing the heritage trend tend to make this style seem easy to pull off but you really have to sit down, try them on and feel them to know for sure. There are many of the venerable shoe brand's styles that I love but realized didn't suit me or did not look good on my feet. The 3141 would seem to be the best style for me based on the profile, fit and comfortability of the shoe. It's not necessarily the style I would have preferred if I was ready to buy a pair but I think that might be the point. Heritage or specifically workwear really has to do with utility and function first. Trends last.


There is nothing like stopping into your favorite thrift or vintage haunt and coming away with something special. I've been looking for some items to add to my expanding collection of gentlemanly accessories. My sister showed up over the holiday's with a beautiful cigar case and cutter for me so my hunt for a proper lighter began soon after. It ended this weekend with  this vintage Colibri in near perfect condition. While I've not given up looking for my cherished Laguiole pen knife my search for a back up was rewarded with this little guy. I think it may be military but I'm not sure. Never underestimate the power of a well curated antique shop.

Mohawk General Store

This weekend saw me in the company of some amazing creative minds (more on that later) and a much needed trip to the City of Angels. I had a little time left to roam and was able to stop into Mohawk General Store. It's a store I've known online but have always wanted to visit in person. Great staff, merchandise and that globalized aesthetic we consumers have come to expect from our high-end retail. I finally was able to get my hands on some Our Legacy, thanks to their seasonal sale. Beautiful fabrics in subdued tones and all the laid back sophistication I've admired from afar since they started around 2005. I think this was one of the first brands that really opened my eyes to the whole "Menswear" thing and I have never been disappointed by a collection I've seen. Thanks Mohawk and keep bringin' the good stuff OL.


Took a nice little trip to the mountains today with the family to see some nature, snow, and grab some holiday apple pie. My newly acquired Barbour Bedale was just what I needed to stay dry and keep warm. To own such an iconic piece of outerwear is something special. I got all kinds of looks, nods and signs of acknowledgment that I had made a good choice. I felt as if I had joined a special club or something. I was feeling a little buyers remorse shortly after purchasing it but after today I don't regret it one bit and look forward to future adventures had in this beautiful jacket.

Pacific Rim

I think I just turned 14yrs old again.