Inspiration L.A

Inside the boat
L.V.C Gang
Ryan from Yuketen (Cool dude and even chatted it up with him a bit)
Wrangler (All the reps had Italian accents..hmm interesting)
The Flat Head (Japan)
Orslow(Japan and one of my fav's)
R.J.B(Japan and bringing a lil Mcnairy-ishness to the collection)
Samurai (Japan)
The Boys from The Real McCoys
Men's File (Great mag from the U.K)
Larry from Heller's Cafe (King of Vintage but $2500 for a work-shirt?!)
The L.B.C

I've been on a bit of a hiatus due to the fact that I was uncharacteristically sick for about a week or so. Fortunately, I was able to drag myself down to Long Beach to Rin Tanaka's(My Freedamn!) 2nd annual Inspiration L.A! I knew it was gonna be a Vintage, Japanamericana, Retro-file feast for the senses but was still overwhelmed by the magnitude of the event. First, it was held inside the legendary RMS Queen Mary, all 3-4 floors of her and was packed with retailers and enthusiasts from the Pacific to the Atlantic. I had a great time, met some cool people and some of the "stars" of the Heritage/Americana game. Looking forward to next year!

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  1. Anonymous2/13/2011

    We went on Saturday and had a great time. Totally agree about the pricing at Heller's Cafe/Larry's Collection. My wife and I found the Japanese vendors way more polite and approachable than the other vendors.

    Didn't buy anything but talked to a lot of people. I remember my wife and I chatting with the reps from a Japanese brand called Ink. They had a cool women's duffle coat with toggles made from skateboards. One guy was explaining to the other that we were from Orange County. He was talking in Japanese and dropped "The OC" in the middle. Then I added, "yeah, Disneyland!" Then they knew where we were from.

    I'll do a post later in the week once I go through the photos.