I pulled a couple of pages from an old Japanese mag that I thought had some great inspiration in it for fall. I think as complete looks they may be a little to formal for me but I like the layout and could easily choose individual items to add to an existing wardrobe.

Blakroc 2

Looking forward to this.


   Vintage Made in U.S.A Allen Edmond Tassel Loafer
These should clean up nicely.

Drive (The Soundtrack)

I like many have been eagerly awaiting the release of this movie which I believe will cement Mr. Gosling as a movie icon of this generation. As a film soundtrack junky I've been disappointed over the years with the lackluster effort of most film soundtracks. I miss the heyday of the movie soundtrack during the 80s when either the film score (Vangelis, Moroder) or compilation of popular songs carried the film as much as the story-line did. 

I've spent some time streaming this online and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the score composed by Cliff Martinez (formerly of red hot chili peppers) and selection of stand alone tracks. I think this will only intensify the buzz surrounding the story, directing and I'm sure, great performances of this upcoming film.

Morning Monk

Sharp cats and good music.