Best of Both Worlds

Paraboot x Brooks Brothers Suede Wingtips
Two things that have been on the list this season is a discounted Paraboot shoe and a suede shoe of some sort. I received this lovely pair in the mail recently from a generous person in Florida and I'm more than pleased. In an earlier post I lamented on not winning a prized Paraboot Weston cap-toe on Ebay but these have cured my ills. I didn't want to post the whole shoe yet as they need a little tlc but I'm hoping to bring them back to life so they resemble the same pair below.

In Short

I need a pair of swim trunks like..yesterday. I can't believe how hard it is to find a decent pair that is both stylish and functional. These shorts by Baron Wells are the closest thing I've seen to a pretty much perfect pair of shorts for swimming and possibly strutting about town afterwards. They look so clean and minimal you almost want to frame them and hang them on your wall. Unfortunately, by the time I save up enough scratch to buy them it will be time to break out the fall gear again.

Things Enjoyed


Levi's 501 Tab Bookmark
I've always felt bad throwing these out after my 501 purchases. I might actually start a collection and see how many I'll have over time. This might not prove very fruitful as the Levi's I own I don't really plan on replacing with new ones.

D'You Know What I Mean?

Oasis - D'You Know What I Mean?
There was a time in the 90's when I was pretty obsessed with all things British. I was pretty close to moving to the U.K and either starting a Britpop band or try to be a member of Massive Attack. I think this video came out at the height of all the madness. I still think it's a pretty cool video with lot's of swagger. Hey, I think Liam Gallagher's actually got a clothing line out now. This brings back a lot of memories.


Gabor Szabo Group 1978

The Envelope Please..

Jack Spade Warren Canvas Bankers Envelope
I've been using a version of this all summer to tote my books, magazines, notepads, etc. It has come in very handy(no pun intended).

Summer Reading

I've been doing quite a bit of reading this summer in place of traveling the world to exotic locations and have added a couple of new finds to the list. The abridged bio on finnish "Father of Modern Design" Alvar Aalto and an even shorter one on french photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. The books are full of great photo's and illustrations so I should be able to stay engaged.

Fond Memories

photo by Maile Lani
A couple of summers ago I got a chance to visit New Orleans and spent some time in the French Quarter. The highlight was a late night stop at the famed Cafe Du Monde. I sipped hot french roast and scarfed down way to many beignets. I've thought of purchasing these items below from the online store to tide me over till my next trip.

One Cool Cat

Skip aka Alex Grant
photo by David Mongan

How I Was Feeling Today

Rick Ross feat. Ne-Yo  Super High
I love how Hip Hop puts you in that state of mind like you can do anything

Willy T.

Willy T.Ribbs
This guy must have some stories to tell

1.The first African American to qualify and compete in the Indianapolis 500. 2.Winner of the Formula Ford Dunlop Championship in Europe.3.Recipient of two "Driver of the Year" titles while driving for such racing icons as Dan Gurney, Jack Roush and Derek Walker.4.The first African American to compete in NASCAR's Winston Cup series.5.First African American to compete in CART/Indy Car Championship in partnership with entertainer, Bill Cosby.6.The first and only African American to test for Formula 1 Grand Prix team in Estroil, Portugal.

What I didn't win on Ebay

Paraboot Weston France Norvegese Cap Toe Shoes
This one hurt


Starring James Franco as Allen Ginsberg

Captains of Industry

I've never been to Australia but if I do I hope to pay a visit to this "Gentlemen's Club" of sorts in Melbourne. It's a one stop bespoke clothier, shoemaker, vintage goods, barber, and cafe that's tailored to those interested in that kind of thing. It's definitely the kind of place I wish I could go to in my neck of the woods. Who knows, maybe there will be one(wink,wink).

Fishing For Fashion

looks from The Archipelago Collection

I love discovering unique brands with a story to tell. Human Scales is a clothing brand out of Stockholm with an apparent nautical theme expressed through fashion. More looks here..

Out The Door

While rushing off to work this morning I was feeling pretty good about myself because while checking to see if I was running late I realized something. I had unconsciously managed to match my leathers! It's the little things.