Find Your Greatness

I'm really looking forward to this years Olympic games.


If you haven't heard the news there was quite a tragedy that took place today at a Colorado premier of the The Dark Knight Rises. I've been a fan of this latest trilogy of films by director Christopher Nolan primarily because of how wrenching the portrayal of the Batman has been throughout each film. Christopher Nolan's Batman is as real and conflicting a character as there has ever been in the entire franchise. I almost bowed out of going to see the premiere in my city tonight but then I started thinking.... Through out the last couple of films and what i presume will continue as the theme in this last installment, there has been a pretty relevant topic. Fear. How people use fear to control others and how much we as people are controlled by it. The latest trilogy examines it from both sides and from multiple perspectives. What I basically decided is what I believe is in the spirit of the films and a tribute to the victims of yet another display of human frailty. I'm seeing this movie tonight.


I'm always trying to figure out the right balance of things to carry on a daily basis. I think it started with that first velcro wallet I bought when I was in junior high. Through the years I've adopted a paired down approach to just the essentials but find I'm always experimenting with the core set up. I've never been a money clip guy but after picking this one up at jcrew for $9.99 I thought I'd give it a go. Maybe I'll have it engraved. I guess time will tell if it becomes part of my daily carry but it may be a good way of making sure I always have cash on hand. Also, I decided to upgrade my pen game to one of my vintage montblancs as my job requires a lot of paperwork, I sign my name all the time and why the hell not! The journey continues...

Red White & Blue

Denim-Vintage 501xx Made in USA
Shirt-Vintage Brooks Brothers SS Madras shirt Made in USA
Shoes-Cons (The All Star Mid Tops which I'm really diggin')
Shades-Ray Ban Aviators 

Independence Day is upon us and with a day full of family and festivities I thought I would dress accordingly. Some of my favorite American classics are represented and should keep me feeling as cool, comfortable and free as I wanna be. Isn't that what being an American is all about? Hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July.