What The Hay

Adam Kimmel x Carhartt Hay Shirt
I've noticed a shift in menswear and fashion in general. In the "old" days it was the designer's collective vision expressed through an entire collection that defined the style and message of that brand. In this era of cross pollination of style and competing price points a designer is successful if they are able to communicate that vision through a signature item. It probably is a much harder task and I assume not always intentional when a shirt, shoe, jacket, trouser, or accessory becomes the designers defining piece.

I've raved on about my appreciation for Adam Kimmel before and specifically this shirt. My friend and blog partner David of United Style/Cultivated can tell you about my love for it from our recent retail excursion out in L.A a couple of weeks ago. I didn't pull the trigger then but ran across it a second time on sale at my local Barney's and decided not to let it slip my grasps again. It's just such a well designed garment from the Adam Kimmel x Carhartt collection and I think is the defining piece from the collaboration. It combines the best of the American workwear tradition with a truly modern point of view. 

I actually made a conscience decision to get it a size larger as a layering piece for fall but I do the think it still fits well as a stand alone shirt.


This summer has been filled with some pretty unexpected highs and lows but I'm grateful for every single one. The highlight has been watching my little one grow. She deserves the very best of me. I started this blog as a way to flesh out who I was, what brings me joy, inspires and as an attempt to connect with people. I've been able to do that and much more. Cheer's to summer and I hope everyone has enjoyed theirs.


I started thinking this week how perfect a time it is to stock up on your fall basics. It is probably the furthest thing from folks minds right now and that's why. Before other's start considering knitwear, earth-tones, and the quintessential fall shoe you can get a jump on them by grabbing that signature piece for the season at a fraction of the cost. I think I found mine in this made in Italy, lightweight, wool/cashmere, herringbone jacket I found by Burberry. As you can tell it is in flawless condition and stacked with great details including natural shoulders, notched lapels, three button roll and side vents. The pic's really don't do it justice as the fabric is so light and supple and the tone is just beautiful and versatile. It truly is luxurious in everything but the price...
It will need just a tad bit of tailoring and I'll be doing my best country gent impression this fall. Happy hunting!

The Beefroll

Church's Beefroll Loafers
Modern yet timeless the Beefroll loafer is synonymous with American style. I've been on the hunt for a pair for quite awhile and finally managed to pick these up on the bay for a song. I actually get the best of both worlds offering me classic prep styling alongside English craftsmanship. Mighty comfortable, they should keep me looking the part sock-less the rest of summer while leading me right into fall.