Everyone's favorite Japanese designer is known for his exceptionally designed and well crafted brand Visvim but I rarely hear much about his own personal style. I think he pulls off wearing very casual looks in an effortless yet sophisticated and refined way. I think it's a testament to his philosophy of design and the products he creates.

Done It Again

I have been a fan of Steve Spacek since the early days with his group Spacek and even did some street-team work(when I was doing that kinda stuff) for his last full length album. I've always tried to keep track of his projects and albums because he is always doing something innovative musically. This  video is from the Spacek & Katalyst album Space Invadas and it's a banger.

On The Duffel

A.p.c Sailor Duffel
As a fan of most of what A.p.c  puts out every season I especially look forward to their accessories. The brand always creates something special out of seemingly basic, functional items whether it be a belt, hat, tie, or bag. The Sailor duffel is something I could see myself getting a lot of use from and I bet would only get cooler with age and a little wear and tear.

Things for Spring

It might be a tad early but I'm really eager for spring to arrive. I think it's my favorite time of the year and can be a real transitional time style wise. Colors get brighter, fabrics get lighter, and the world looks fresh and clean. These are the things that are inspiring me right now. Some I own and some I plan to in some way, shape or form. What will you be looking forward to? 

I Want You

Play this song for your significant other on Valentine's Day fellas. Trust me.

Inspiration L.A

Inside the boat
L.V.C Gang
Ryan from Yuketen (Cool dude and even chatted it up with him a bit)
Wrangler (All the reps had Italian accents..hmm interesting)
The Flat Head (Japan)
Orslow(Japan and one of my fav's)
R.J.B(Japan and bringing a lil Mcnairy-ishness to the collection)
Samurai (Japan)
The Boys from The Real McCoys
Men's File (Great mag from the U.K)
Larry from Heller's Cafe (King of Vintage but $2500 for a work-shirt?!)
The L.B.C

I've been on a bit of a hiatus due to the fact that I was uncharacteristically sick for about a week or so. Fortunately, I was able to drag myself down to Long Beach to Rin Tanaka's(My Freedamn!) 2nd annual Inspiration L.A! I knew it was gonna be a Vintage, Japanamericana, Retro-file feast for the senses but was still overwhelmed by the magnitude of the event. First, it was held inside the legendary RMS Queen Mary, all 3-4 floors of her and was packed with retailers and enthusiasts from the Pacific to the Atlantic. I had a great time, met some cool people and some of the "stars" of the Heritage/Americana game. Looking forward to next year!


I have a growing collection of bandanas and pocket squares that I love. My wardrobe leans towards casual to business casual so I have trouble figuring out how best to use them when they are not tucked into my back pocket. I got this Beams Plus bandana from Inventory  awhile back that I thought I'd play around with.

The REAL McCoy

I caught this gentleman while on a lunch break at a local burger joint. While my city is known as a kind of military town I rarely see men in uniform or former men in uniform look this stylish that have the swag that this guy did. Bomber with collar popped, Levi 501's that looked less dad jean and more standard issue, military boot's, tight haircut, a good read and a load of confidence as he strode out of the place and put on his classic aviators. Check, Check, Check, Check, Check and Check! This is how it's done kids.