Big Unit

It's been pretty hectic around these parts as we are preparing for a big move. The fun part has been finding furniture to fill our new space. In keeping with our mid-century themed living area I finally found a wall unit that I had to have. There has been quite a boom of modern furniture stores popping up in my neighborhood so there's plenty of great stuff to choose from along with competitive pricing. I'm looking forward to getting settled.

Daddy's Denim

I must admit I'm pretty hard to buy a gift for. So when asked what I might like for Father's Day I opted for cold hard cash rather than risk getting something I might return. I decided to go into my mental archive of things I've been meaning to add to my wardrobe but either didn't have the money, time, or inclination to go and get. After stopping by one my many regular vintage haunts this weekend I stumbled upon this slightly worn denim Levi's jacket. I kinda feel ashamed that I've missed out for so long on owning one but have never been successful in finding one that worked for me. This gem has just the right amount of wear, fit,  and style with some new left for me to make it my own in the years ahead. Who knows, maybe my little one will decide to make it her own one day when I'm old and grey. Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!

Back Home

New York City Trip
I've recently returned from my trip to N.Y and even though I returned to a pretty horrendous  home situation I'm still jazzed from the time I spent there. New York is a place like no other , with an energy like no other, and inspiration at every turn. I'm happy to report that I didn't experience much of what some people assume the negative aspects of the city might be. People were generally cool, well behaved and even welcoming. I must say that you can feel quite isolated even though there is so many people and so much going on all the time. I was glad there were people we knew that taught us the In's and outs of living in such a magnificent city. I hopefully will be going back sooner than later. Also, you know I couldn't go to New York without some choice shopping. See below...
The Cafe at Freeman's
I also hope to have some great shots developed from my 35mm Minolta SRT101 that I'll try to post soon.