Bean Boot Shmeen Boot

Cloud Logo Sperry Topsider 7 eye Leather Boot
Just a little jab at the ribs of all my L.L Bean loving blogger buddies out there. Actually, I've long been envious of the throngs of north-easterners who have enjoyed that iconic shoe. I stumbled upon these lovely boots for a song at a post Black Friday sale and decided to add them to my fall shoe arsenal. What I like most is that I get rugged style while still maintaining the SoCal casualness of the deck shoe. I don't foresee much snow around these parts but do expect a little more rain so these should come in handy. You gotta love that cloud logo too!

Holiday Attire

Along with the food, family and the coziness of home I thought it would be nice to put together a simple look that would keep me nice and comfy. Hope everyone enjoys there Thanksgiving!

Camp Socks-Columbia
Watch-Vintage Omega Automatic
Penknife-Laguiole (in case I need to help carve some turkey)
Shoe-Vintage Russell Moccasins

Side Project

Some Styling 
Getting Stock In Order

It's always scary trying new things especially when it's something that you've always felt a connection to but never thought you would actually have the opportunity to do. I started my professional career in retail but left it behind because of personal and professional reasons. I've always had a passion for it but was never in a situation where I could contribute my ideas. An opportunity at a local vintage shop has come were I've been asked to start contributing creatively as well as learn how to run a storefront. I really love the shop, its merchandise and some of the things we are going to try. Stay tuned...

Archival Reissue

PF-Flyer Sumfun(1947)
People who know me well know I can't resist a good sale. When I spotted these PF-Flyers at a mere fraction of the price I had to partake. I do like PF's heritage as one of the original American sneaker company's and how they revolutionized shoe technology. I tend to go classic with my shoe game and when the Bob Cousy reissue came out I made it my mission to get a pair. These are pretty comparable to my Jack Purcells but with a lower profile and the super comfy PF insole. I'll be definitely enjoying these.

Trying Tweed

Part II
I got my other tweed jacket(Thanks Kenny) from the tailor recently. It's vintage and has cool patches on the elbows. I attempted to wear this today but had to loose the jacket because it got warm although it was rainy and cold this morning (SoCal weather for ya). Sorry for the bathroom shot but it's where all the mirrors are. I'm looking forward to real fall weather soon so I can break this puppy in.


N.E.R.D album titled Nothing
I've had this album on repeat since I got it. Classic N.E.R.D with some pretty amazing 60's era rock, funk, and even psychedelic instrumentation. Their best album to date. Get it.

Le Monde D'Hermès

I've always felt a little weird asking for a copy of one Hermès seasonal catalogs. They do such a beautiful job publishing them that I think they could charge and people would pay. I've been collecting them for several years now and I'm always in awe of the quality, craftsmanship, and artistry of the products they create. The sales clerk threw in a supplemental titled About Men that focuses on the brands menswear collection which has also been gaining popularity. If I ever strike it rich I've always thought that one of the first places I would hit up is a Hermès boutique.