Dreams, they do come true. I've come to believe that in life if you desire something strong enough that thought or desire gets imprinted on your brain and will somehow, some way,  become reality. This may not all be good but I stand by it as it relates to classic footwear. The JM Weston loafer or moccasin as some prescribe is as classic as it gets and has a storied history.

I'm not sure how the love affair started but I'm sure it had something to do with my appreciation of french style and culture. I also love clothing and brands with history and I hope to add my own story to these Iconic shoes.

The Lo Heads

This video has made its rounds but Put This On did an incredible job covering the Lo Heads and their fascinating and somewhat disturbing subculture. I have to admit relating to some of the philosophy behind what they do. It is strange, however, that a generation of black men were compelled to gain their identity from the clever marketing strategy of a talented clothing designer.

Pick Ups

I haven't done any significant shopping this year but have been keeping an eye out for items to add to my spring wardrobe. I wandered into my local Barney's Co-op on a lunch break and discovered a plethora of designer pieces on sale from quite a few of this year's most bloggable brands. Adam Kimmel's mainline and colabo with carhartt collections struck a chord and were recently blogged about by me so I couldn't resist snatching these up at a pretty deep discount. I think both will make great additions and should transition nicely through the summer.

Day Off

I decided to take today off to get some much needed rest and get some things done. I'd kind of swore off ever doing one of these, what do you call, GPOY/WIWT post. I guess I was just feelin' myself and wanted to show of this vintage shawl collar joint I picked up. I admire those who do these everyday because it's not as easy as it looks. This is pretty much how I get down on most casual days unless I gotta go somewhere important. Hope everyone gets to have a relaxing weekend.

If you haven't gotten word yet me and fellow blogger David Nix from Unitedstyle just launched a new site across the pond called Cultivatedcultivatedstyle.netMake sure to stop by and check it out!


You never know what you might get out there. Sadly, these are not in my size but the search continues...