Pick Ups

I had a little extra in the coffer this week and picked up some on sale shirting at my local Barney's outlet store. You can never have enough American made shirting and Gitman Vintage always delivers the goods. It's not like I need another blue OCBD but I don't have this one and for over 60 percent off it's hard not to pull the trigger. I've also wanted to try some Levi's Made and Crafted because a lot of it is made in Italy like this lovely blue flannel and I'm a sucker for how well the Italians make clothing. If you have a Barney's in your neck of the woods it my be a good time to grab some of those bloggable brands on the cheap. Just saying...

JM Weston Factory Visit

The Messieurs of french style blog Redingote paid a visit to the factory of famed french shoemaker JM Weston. Looks like they got up close and personal to witness the production process of some their most iconic styles. To say I'm a bit jealous would be an understatement. Ever since acquiring mine I've been dreaming of a trip to France where I would stop by their boutique on Champs Elysées to pick up a pair in black.
photo's via redingote


In this latest episode of things I shouldn't care about but do comes this little piece of grooming heaven by Kent. Kent or Kent Brushes of England have been manufacturing brushes under her Majesty the Queen for 230 years and are known world wide for their quality and manufacturing excellence. 

I acquired this little guy haphazardly while on one of my thrifting sprees. I think this is an older version of their Sawcut 20T 100mm folding comb. I'd heard of the brand but didn't realize they had such a storied history. You wouldn't think there would be much of a difference between a handmade comb and a regular ole $.99 one but there is. It's softer and the teeth somehow glide thru your hair like butter. It's done wonders for my beard and what little I have up top.  I don't know how they did it but those blokes managed to make the perfect comb. Get yourself one.

Until The Quiet Comes

Short film from the highly anticipated 3rd album from Flying Lotus being released this October.