One Year Older

That's right folks, the earth has spun around once again and I've been given the blessing of another year of living dangerously. To celebrate, I became the proud owner of this beauty and needless to say I'm in love. It's actually vintage if you can believe it and at the price I got it you would have thought I beat up some poor gent and took it from him. A steal is a very big understatement.

I'd like to give a special shout out to this dope photo app I recently downloaded on my android phone. Expect to be seeing pic's of this guy in future posts. Things enjoyed? Most definitely.


If you haven't seen  director and artist Steve McQueen's other film Hunger I highly suggest it.

Weekend In The City

Great online feature over at's brother menswear site Park & Bond. I often imagine what I would be wearing if I ever got a chance to jet off to the different cities in America and abroad. It's a pretty label heavy set of looks but has good examples of the type of garments you would probably need while visiting these spots this season. Check out the other city looks here.


Cool & Classy