Inside the Eames

Short Film created by Charles & Ray Eames showcasing their famous Pacific Palisades residence. So beautiful. I want to live there.


via Port
I think this is probably the best highlight on the recent Pitti trade-show event that I've seen to date.

The Worker

Adam Kimmel x Carhartt Hay Shirt
I'm a big fan of the work shirt. I know it goes at least as far back as the old west and would even go as far as calling it the new white-tee because of how ubiquitous it has become in menswear over the last few years. It's one of the most versatile shirts you can own and even though considered a casual staple can also be smartened up by simply tucking it in an adding a tie. I own a few from a couple of different brands that I rotate depending on the occasion.

I mentioned in an earlier post about my appreciation for designer Adam Kimmel and ever since word got out of his collaboration with Carhartt I've been anxious to see his take of this wardrobe staple. The shirt above is part of that collection and is a fine example of reinterpreting a classic for today. A tailored silhouette and a nice shade of blue keeps this version out of Dad's shirt territory. Barney's got this one on pre-order for spring but I'll probably be waiting till the spring sale before I try to snag one.

Black & White

Throwing up some 35mm pic's I finally had processed. I'm not quite comfortable with the camera yet but I'm trying not to over think it and just shoot what I see. I think I was going for a Bruce Webber-ish vibe or maybe it was just the weather.

New Sound

Moon Safari, the 1998 album I had on repeat for a year straight was my intro to french band Air's beautiful musical landscapes. I would eventually own every single release and see them perform several times over the years. They have since gained much commercial success while still retaining some of their indie charm by working with obscure artists like Italian writer Alessandro Baricco(City Reading:Tre Storie Western) and producing soundtracks for film by Sophia Coppola(Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation). 

Their latest effort Le Voyage Dans La Lune merges both film and new musical explorations by the band. Director George Méliès very early (1902) and strange sci-fi  film Voyage Dans La Lune ( A trip to the Moon) was apparently rediscovered and premiered at last year's Cannes festival. Air was brought on to score it and followed with a subsequent production of a full length album inspired by the film. Air purists might protest them straying away from their early french pop, electro style but I think the bands inventiveness and unique sound while keeping it retro remain intact.

The Goods

2012 has been a little hectic so far so it was nice to get a little bit of retail relief in the form of this care package from the folks at Unionmade. I'm probably the last dude to get a copy of Inventory's fall issue #5 and have been quite anxious to get it. I have also been wanting to finally try some of Australia's luxury grooming products from Aesop and let me tell you, I'm very pleased. The stuff is quality and smells so good It might be over for the Rite Aid stuff.

Delfonics is a Japanese stationary company that I've been reading about from various online sources so I thought I'd pick up one of their wooden ball point pens with the hope I'd start writing more this year. Unionmade sure know what guys like and provided me with some nice things to start the new year with. Thanks!

Lait Nettoyant

I picked up this bottle a year or so ago on a whim after dropping into a local Hermes boutique. This "cleansing milk" was made to treat saddle leathers and is a conditioner of sorts. I don't really own any Hermes leather goods so I've mainly used it on my belts, wallets and a splash on my leather shoes to lift dirt and give them a little nourishment. Obviously, I didn't need to buy this but It's fun to add a little bit of luxury into your everyday living and activity. Why not!?