New Sound

Moon Safari, the 1998 album I had on repeat for a year straight was my intro to french band Air's beautiful musical landscapes. I would eventually own every single release and see them perform several times over the years. They have since gained much commercial success while still retaining some of their indie charm by working with obscure artists like Italian writer Alessandro Baricco(City Reading:Tre Storie Western) and producing soundtracks for film by Sophia Coppola(Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation). 

Their latest effort Le Voyage Dans La Lune merges both film and new musical explorations by the band. Director George Méliès very early (1902) and strange sci-fi  film Voyage Dans La Lune ( A trip to the Moon) was apparently rediscovered and premiered at last year's Cannes festival. Air was brought on to score it and followed with a subsequent production of a full length album inspired by the film. Air purists might protest them straying away from their early french pop, electro style but I think the bands inventiveness and unique sound while keeping it retro remain intact.

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