It has gotten really beautiful out here on the West Coast and I'm pretty happy about that. It's easier to get dressed this time of year because I don't have to be as methodical about what I'm wearing and I can pretty much throw stuff on and head out the door. This is what is keeping me cool and comfortable today with a little nod to the recent Royal nuptials that took place across the pond. Have a great weekend!

Watch-Vintage Unitas automatic
Frames-Oliver Peoples


I don't have to make that special trip up to San Francisco this summer after all.


Spring Casual

The first thing is that this looks eerily like my little brother which kinda freaked me out. A.P.C really did an amazing job this spring capturing my aesthetic. Casual and refined with a cool palette of blues, grays, whites and a nonchalance that they always do very well.  I pretty much own all of these pieces from different brands except for the navy blazer which I'm considering picking up. The navy blazer is the one thing that keeps eluding me either because of price, quality, or fit. I got my eye on a couple on ebay but it's really been difficult to find one that meets all three in equal measure. Any suggestions? Send a link or two my way.

Newman Own's

A little spin on Paul Newman's side hustle was appropriate for the title of this post as there is no American Icon that owned his style as much as this guy. The late actor, race car driver, humanitarian, and all around cool cat never wore a look on screen I didn't like but it's the off screen shot's I see of him frequently that really scream Icon. This pic especially sums up how brilliant he was at combining very basic pieces with that little extra something(chunky bracelet, stylish watch, fat cuffs). I will definitely be stealing this look. I came across a great overview of Newman's personal style over at the deservedly hyped Mr. Porter.

Giving Winter The Boot

I'm so glad that spring is upon us and couldn't wait to start transitioning my wardrobe to go with the beautiful weather we are starting to get on the West Coast. There really isn't a better feeling than slipping on a pair of comfy desert boots to get the season started right. I'm actually wearing ankle socks in these pic's because there has been a few wintery days still hanging on with an occasional shower or two. I'm not quite ready to go sock-less just yet.


I was pretty excited when I heard that Oliver Peoples came out with the clip on sunglasses for the Nom De Guerre frame style this spring. It's my favorite eyeglass frame and I've been wearing  them for some time so I decided to go over to their boutique to check them out. When you hear "Clip-On" it might conjure visions of grandpa bouncing in your head but I think they did it a lot of justice by creating a sophisticated, minimally designed, lightweight and inconspicuous version. It complements my frames nicely and enables me to keep my not so 20/20 vision intact. Needless to say I was sold.