Spring Casual

The first thing is that this looks eerily like my little brother which kinda freaked me out. A.P.C really did an amazing job this spring capturing my aesthetic. Casual and refined with a cool palette of blues, grays, whites and a nonchalance that they always do very well.  I pretty much own all of these pieces from different brands except for the navy blazer which I'm considering picking up. The navy blazer is the one thing that keeps eluding me either because of price, quality, or fit. I got my eye on a couple on ebay but it's really been difficult to find one that meets all three in equal measure. Any suggestions? Send a link or two my way.


  1. I've tried on a few APC blazers but found them to be very restrictive when trying to move my arms. I, like yourself, am also looking for the ideal navy blazer. I hear Rugby is pretty good although I have no access to them in Canada

  2. Something to think about. Thanks!