What A Chore

Apolis Activism Chore Jacket
I've been on the hunt for a versatile fall jacket for a while and it's not been easy. I don't want something to formal like a topcoat and I don't want something to casual because I'd hope to dress it up a bit if needed. There are many versions of the chore jacket floating around the internet but they all seem to come off a bit too coal miner for my taste. This jacket by Apolis Activism strikes a great balance of refined aesthetic and utilitarian function. It's wool which should keep me cozy when it finally decides to get cool around here and I like the pocket placement as well. I guess I'll add this to the maybe list.

How could I resist?

Thanks AlexGrant for connecting me to this relaunched, old school American East Coast tennis brand Boast. I couldn't help but post this clever advert I found on there site that chronicles the history of the brand and it's relevance during the less than glamorous but more stylish(in my opinion)'70s tennis era. I fully intend to pick up one of their lovely polo's with the signature Japanese Maple Leaf embroidery.

Downhill Racer

I've been wanting to watch this early Redford film for awhile. My local indie video store just got in a copy so I'll be renting it this week. I think it's one of those obscure 70's films that may have been considered an over ambitious project by a major studio and probably didn't get good distribution. It looks beautifully shot and you can't go wrong with a film also starring Gene Hackman. I also have a thing for the grace and style of vintage Olympic athleticism(hope that didn't come off weird).

Ivy à la française

I tend to have an affinity for all things french so I couldn't resist doing a post about a post I ran across via Christian Chensvold's Ivy Style. It's about Frenchman and blogger Francis Cazal who apparently has been influenced by many of the Ivy themed blogs spreading today's modern prep style phenomenon. Francis has become a fan of the Ivy/prep look and lifestyle and has even reworked his own wardobe to reflect his new obsession. Laurent Laporte of blog Whereisthecool has provided some lovely photography documenting his looks in action. Like most abroad who have been influenced by American style they always tend to do it a little cleaner and more refined.

Now or Never

Everythings changing around me
And I wanna change too
There's one thing I know
It ain't cool being no fool
I feel different today
I don't know what else to say
But imma get my shit together
It's now or never
-The Roots

This song is helping me through a pretty frustrating time right now

Things Enjoyed


He may not be the greatest politician but let's not deny his swagger

Claude vs. Pierre

Stella Artois Commercial:Claude vs. Pierre

Great commercial by agency Mother London

Just A Look

I haven't done one of these in a while so I figured I'd give it a shot. I realized after putting it together it seems to have an industrial feel to it and I really like charcoal for autumn/winter. I'm not sure what the inspiration is but I think I've been reading to many Japanese men's fashion magazines.

Cap-White Mountaineering
Flannel-Engineered Garments
Boots-Paul Smith

Men's File

I've been wanting to get a copy of this and was surprised to see it at my local newsstand/liquor store. It appears to be gaining popularity in the men's lifestyle world and I think it's being stocked in the JCrew's and other reputable men's clothing stores around the world. It has a cornucopia (always wanted to use that word) of manly topics, recommendations, style, products, interests and worldly pursuits within it's pages. The magazine seems to be geared towards gearheads, surfers, skaters, cyclists, and just about every subculture out there. I haven't really dug into it yet but I think it will be a good read.

Génération Perdue

GENERATION PERDUE AW10 COLLECTION:The world smaller rapidly in the way we access information today. In contrast to this, people of today tend to cherish their cultural legacy even more. A Generation Perdue (the lost generation) is a celebration to all cultural differences between people that we love, the way people talk, the way people move, what people eat, what kind of literature people read and what people wear. Our generation is not one lost but one blurring the borders between countries, ethnicities, and cultural patterns related to specific areas around the world.

Another great collection by Swedish brand Our Legacy


There is talk that director Cameron Crowe has been quietly working on a Marvin Gaye biopic for the last couple of years. You know I'll be the first in line.