My New Blue Pt II

So like I stated before, it was nice to finally find a versatile blue blazer. I picked up one of MB x Gant's at a steal and I'm looking forward to sporting it this Spring/Summer. I did make some changes to the original off the rack look by first, getting rid of the elbow patches. Not that I didn't enjoy them but felt they limited the versatility of the coat and were a little too "on trend" for what I needed. I also replaced the brushed silver Gant branded buttons on the front and sleeves. 

I found some pretty amazing navy corozzo buttons at As cute as a Button who is based in my city and was able to stop by to test some different button styles out. I'm pretty happy with them as they add a little more refinement. The herringbone pattern, madras lining and functioning button hole sleeves also takes this sport coat and raises it a couple of notches in style and function.

My New Blue Pt I

You wouldn't think picking up an affordably priced, well fitting blue blazer would be so hard to find but it's had me frustrated for a while. I came across this Gant by Michael Bastian blazer some time back at a deep discount. I've always admired Bastian's work and feel he builds clothes around the modern, American male silhouette. Slim but not to skinny, athletically inclined, preppy, and my favorite, his clothing fit's tall, long-armed guys like me. Off the rack was fine but I realized a couple of things about it that I decided to take liberties with. To be continued....

Race Day

I'm heading out to participate in my company's annual benefit Yacht Race today and I'm more than excited. I love the ocean, especially sailing and have tried to make it a part of my life as much I have an opportunity to do so. I've always been inspired by JFK's out of the oval office attire so I put together today's kit based one of his iconic looks out on his boat. It's not quite Hyannis port but I think captures that spirit nicely. Wish me God's speed!

Polo-Corneliani Collection
Chino's-RL G1 Slims
Shoes-Common Projects
Shades-Oliver Peoples
Watch-Vintage Omega Speedmaster

Signature Scent

Every man should have one and over the last couple of years Dior's Eau Sauvage has become one of mine. I've tried really inexpensive scents and some of the worlds most luxurious fragrances for men and always end up coming back here. It's a classic although some might call it old school as it's been around for a long time,1966 to be exact. I just like that it's fresh and citrusy with a masculine edge which is great for the warmer months and means that I'll perspire but smell good doing it.

The Way I Pack

Well, not really the way I pack yet but the folks at Mr.Porter have shown us how. I'm getting excited about our upcoming trip to New York. I hope to bring as little with me as possible as preparation for the impending shopping spree that will occur but also to learn the fine art of traveling light.

Dana Lee

I'm not that familiar with the brand but Dana Lee has put out a pretty spectacular film for their SS 2012 collection. It's got that Mad Men meets The Rum Diary vibe that many seem to be on right now and the clothing is just as cool.