My New Blue Pt II

So like I stated before, it was nice to finally find a versatile blue blazer. I picked up one of MB x Gant's at a steal and I'm looking forward to sporting it this Spring/Summer. I did make some changes to the original off the rack look by first, getting rid of the elbow patches. Not that I didn't enjoy them but felt they limited the versatility of the coat and were a little too "on trend" for what I needed. I also replaced the brushed silver Gant branded buttons on the front and sleeves. 

I found some pretty amazing navy corozzo buttons at As cute as a Button who is based in my city and was able to stop by to test some different button styles out. I'm pretty happy with them as they add a little more refinement. The herringbone pattern, madras lining and functioning button hole sleeves also takes this sport coat and raises it a couple of notches in style and function.

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