Took a nice little trip to the mountains today with the family to see some nature, snow, and grab some holiday apple pie. My newly acquired Barbour Bedale was just what I needed to stay dry and keep warm. To own such an iconic piece of outerwear is something special. I got all kinds of looks, nods and signs of acknowledgment that I had made a good choice. I felt as if I had joined a special club or something. I was feeling a little buyers remorse shortly after purchasing it but after today I don't regret it one bit and look forward to future adventures had in this beautiful jacket.

Pacific Rim

I think I just turned 14yrs old again.


Taking a drive out of town to see some new & classic automobiles today. In my attempt to try a more rugged aesthetic I put together this look. I'm off...

Quilted Jacket-Polo
Henley-Rag & Bone
Denim- A.P.C
Boots- Rag & Bone (Black Friday)
Shades- Ray-Ban
Watch-Omega Speedmaster
Leather Bracelet-Thrift

The ABC Of Men's Fashion

Great series of video's from british brand Hardy Amies
A few of my faves:


Vintage Gucci Reversible Belt Made in Italy
There was a time when luxury brands were both innovative and stylish. They understood what was classic but also had their finger on the pulse on what was fresh. To be able to find something like this tossed aside in a vintage store speaks to our obsession with all things now & current. This was made by someone long ago with skill & pride in their craft and represented the brands commitment to excellence. I'll probably never walk in a Gucci store and find something as classy as this today. That's why I buy vintage.


Terry Callier 1945-2012

Gary Clark Jr.

This kid's the real deal.

Vintage Showroom & Vintage Menswear

Douglas Gunn and Roy Luckett of The Vintage Showroom in London have taken on themselves the painstaking task of documenting and archiving the vast world of vintage menswear that many of us know and love. Their book Vintage Menswear-A Collection From The Vintage Showroom was released to rave reviews this summer and is sure to be a classic resource for vintage enthusiasts, menswear nerds and people who just love history. Can't wait to get a copy for myself.

Fall Inspiration

I've been leaning towards a more rugged yet refined styling as of late. Maybe it's a reflex to all the blatant dandyism that has pervaded menswear culture, I'm not sure. We'll see what happens.

Pick Ups

I had a little extra in the coffer this week and picked up some on sale shirting at my local Barney's outlet store. You can never have enough American made shirting and Gitman Vintage always delivers the goods. It's not like I need another blue OCBD but I don't have this one and for over 60 percent off it's hard not to pull the trigger. I've also wanted to try some Levi's Made and Crafted because a lot of it is made in Italy like this lovely blue flannel and I'm a sucker for how well the Italians make clothing. If you have a Barney's in your neck of the woods it my be a good time to grab some of those bloggable brands on the cheap. Just saying...

JM Weston Factory Visit

The Messieurs of french style blog Redingote paid a visit to the factory of famed french shoemaker JM Weston. Looks like they got up close and personal to witness the production process of some their most iconic styles. To say I'm a bit jealous would be an understatement. Ever since acquiring mine I've been dreaming of a trip to France where I would stop by their boutique on Champs Elys√©es to pick up a pair in black.
photo's via redingote


In this latest episode of things I shouldn't care about but do comes this little piece of grooming heaven by Kent. Kent or Kent Brushes of England have been manufacturing brushes under her Majesty the Queen for 230 years and are known world wide for their quality and manufacturing excellence. 

I acquired this little guy haphazardly while on one of my thrifting sprees. I think this is an older version of their Sawcut 20T 100mm folding comb. I'd heard of the brand but didn't realize they had such a storied history. You wouldn't think there would be much of a difference between a handmade comb and a regular ole $.99 one but there is. It's softer and the teeth somehow glide thru your hair like butter. It's done wonders for my beard and what little I have up top.  I don't know how they did it but those blokes managed to make the perfect comb. Get yourself one.

Until The Quiet Comes

Short film from the highly anticipated 3rd album from Flying Lotus being released this October.

What The Hay

Adam Kimmel x Carhartt Hay Shirt
I've noticed a shift in menswear and fashion in general. In the "old" days it was the designer's collective vision expressed through an entire collection that defined the style and message of that brand. In this era of cross pollination of style and competing price points a designer is successful if they are able to communicate that vision through a signature item. It probably is a much harder task and I assume not always intentional when a shirt, shoe, jacket, trouser, or accessory becomes the designers defining piece.

I've raved on about my appreciation for Adam Kimmel before and specifically this shirt. My friend and blog partner David of United Style/Cultivated can tell you about my love for it from our recent retail excursion out in L.A a couple of weeks ago. I didn't pull the trigger then but ran across it a second time on sale at my local Barney's and decided not to let it slip my grasps again. It's just such a well designed garment from the Adam Kimmel x Carhartt collection and I think is the defining piece from the collaboration. It combines the best of the American workwear tradition with a truly modern point of view. 

I actually made a conscience decision to get it a size larger as a layering piece for fall but I do the think it still fits well as a stand alone shirt.


This summer has been filled with some pretty unexpected highs and lows but I'm grateful for every single one. The highlight has been watching my little one grow. She deserves the very best of me. I started this blog as a way to flesh out who I was, what brings me joy, inspires and as an attempt to connect with people. I've been able to do that and much more. Cheer's to summer and I hope everyone has enjoyed theirs.


I started thinking this week how perfect a time it is to stock up on your fall basics. It is probably the furthest thing from folks minds right now and that's why. Before other's start considering knitwear, earth-tones, and the quintessential fall shoe you can get a jump on them by grabbing that signature piece for the season at a fraction of the cost. I think I found mine in this made in Italy, lightweight, wool/cashmere, herringbone jacket I found by Burberry. As you can tell it is in flawless condition and stacked with great details including natural shoulders, notched lapels, three button roll and side vents. The pic's really don't do it justice as the fabric is so light and supple and the tone is just beautiful and versatile. It truly is luxurious in everything but the price...
It will need just a tad bit of tailoring and I'll be doing my best country gent impression this fall. Happy hunting!

The Beefroll

Church's Beefroll Loafers
Modern yet timeless the Beefroll loafer is synonymous with American style. I've been on the hunt for a pair for quite awhile and finally managed to pick these up on the bay for a song. I actually get the best of both worlds offering me classic prep styling alongside English craftsmanship. Mighty comfortable, they should keep me looking the part sock-less the rest of summer while leading me right into fall.

Find Your Greatness

I'm really looking forward to this years Olympic games.


If you haven't heard the news there was quite a tragedy that took place today at a Colorado premier of the The Dark Knight Rises. I've been a fan of this latest trilogy of films by director Christopher Nolan primarily because of how wrenching the portrayal of the Batman has been throughout each film. Christopher Nolan's Batman is as real and conflicting a character as there has ever been in the entire franchise. I almost bowed out of going to see the premiere in my city tonight but then I started thinking.... Through out the last couple of films and what i presume will continue as the theme in this last installment, there has been a pretty relevant topic. Fear. How people use fear to control others and how much we as people are controlled by it. The latest trilogy examines it from both sides and from multiple perspectives. What I basically decided is what I believe is in the spirit of the films and a tribute to the victims of yet another display of human frailty. I'm seeing this movie tonight.


I'm always trying to figure out the right balance of things to carry on a daily basis. I think it started with that first velcro wallet I bought when I was in junior high. Through the years I've adopted a paired down approach to just the essentials but find I'm always experimenting with the core set up. I've never been a money clip guy but after picking this one up at jcrew for $9.99 I thought I'd give it a go. Maybe I'll have it engraved. I guess time will tell if it becomes part of my daily carry but it may be a good way of making sure I always have cash on hand. Also, I decided to upgrade my pen game to one of my vintage montblancs as my job requires a lot of paperwork, I sign my name all the time and why the hell not! The journey continues...

Red White & Blue

Denim-Vintage 501xx Made in USA
Shirt-Vintage Brooks Brothers SS Madras shirt Made in USA
Shoes-Cons (The All Star Mid Tops which I'm really diggin')
Shades-Ray Ban Aviators 

Independence Day is upon us and with a day full of family and festivities I thought I would dress accordingly. Some of my favorite American classics are represented and should keep me feeling as cool, comfortable and free as I wanna be. Isn't that what being an American is all about? Hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July.

Big Unit

It's been pretty hectic around these parts as we are preparing for a big move. The fun part has been finding furniture to fill our new space. In keeping with our mid-century themed living area I finally found a wall unit that I had to have. There has been quite a boom of modern furniture stores popping up in my neighborhood so there's plenty of great stuff to choose from along with competitive pricing. I'm looking forward to getting settled.

Daddy's Denim

I must admit I'm pretty hard to buy a gift for. So when asked what I might like for Father's Day I opted for cold hard cash rather than risk getting something I might return. I decided to go into my mental archive of things I've been meaning to add to my wardrobe but either didn't have the money, time, or inclination to go and get. After stopping by one my many regular vintage haunts this weekend I stumbled upon this slightly worn denim Levi's jacket. I kinda feel ashamed that I've missed out for so long on owning one but have never been successful in finding one that worked for me. This gem has just the right amount of wear, fit,  and style with some new left for me to make it my own in the years ahead. Who knows, maybe my little one will decide to make it her own one day when I'm old and grey. Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!

Back Home

New York City Trip
I've recently returned from my trip to N.Y and even though I returned to a pretty horrendous  home situation I'm still jazzed from the time I spent there. New York is a place like no other , with an energy like no other, and inspiration at every turn. I'm happy to report that I didn't experience much of what some people assume the negative aspects of the city might be. People were generally cool, well behaved and even welcoming. I must say that you can feel quite isolated even though there is so many people and so much going on all the time. I was glad there were people we knew that taught us the In's and outs of living in such a magnificent city. I hopefully will be going back sooner than later. Also, you know I couldn't go to New York without some choice shopping. See below...
The Cafe at Freeman's
I also hope to have some great shots developed from my 35mm Minolta SRT101 that I'll try to post soon.