I'm always trying to figure out the right balance of things to carry on a daily basis. I think it started with that first velcro wallet I bought when I was in junior high. Through the years I've adopted a paired down approach to just the essentials but find I'm always experimenting with the core set up. I've never been a money clip guy but after picking this one up at jcrew for $9.99 I thought I'd give it a go. Maybe I'll have it engraved. I guess time will tell if it becomes part of my daily carry but it may be a good way of making sure I always have cash on hand. Also, I decided to upgrade my pen game to one of my vintage montblancs as my job requires a lot of paperwork, I sign my name all the time and why the hell not! The journey continues...

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  1. I've carried the same sterling silver money clip from Tiffany & Co. since I was in college. Damn, that's almost 19 years.