John Carpenter's Christine trailer (1983)

This movie freaked me out as a kid! Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!


I got the piece at a local thrift awhile back and I'm still finding it pretty fascinating. Although not an original it still captures in it the beauty and fury from one of America's greatest modern artist.
     Jackson Pollock in his studio    


I've been steadily putting together a wish-list of things that I intend to own, try, and do as I continue my ascent(descent?) into adulthood. In the own category is a classic car that I can drive around the city in style, fix up, leave to my kid or go out in a blaze of glory in. I've owned several old cars in the past but none as cool and iconic as a 60s era Porsche 912. Now I know purist will swear by the 911 as the true Porsche but the 912 was basically the same car minus 2 cylinders and from what I learned cheaper and more available than it's pricier iconic cousin, the 911. I've seen a few of these cruising around my neighborhood and have fallen more in love with each pass. What's on your list?

Trying Tweed

Part I
to be continued....

Things Enjoyed

Runaway Edition
Well done Kanye. Well done.

The Influencer

There is no doubt the impact Pharrell Williams has had on urban culture from music(N.E.R.D,Neptunes,Grammy Winning producer) to fashion(BBC,Ice Cream,Bape). I think people may forget that before Kanye(no offense Ye') hit his stride Skateboard P was already pushing things forward stylistically and artistically. I think its pretty cool to see him on the cover of Man About Town's winter issue and is definitely one I plan on picking up.

Eating Out

I eat out way to much as I'm on the road quite a bit for work. The cool thing is there has been an influx of new decent places to eat in my city so I've had more spots to choose from. I've also developed a renewed love of asian cuisine especially vietnamese. This place serves a pretty mean french sandwich so I had to partake. I liked the decor and color scheme of this place so I decided to test out my new iphone-like touchscreen phone I got as an early B-Day present and take some pics.


His music has always been a guilty pleasure for me straddling the line between classic 70's rock and modern mainstream pop. I've always been a fan of Lenny's rock & roll style and swagger. From his dread-head Let Love Rule days till now he has always done things his own way. I would dare say he's even gotten cooler with age and experience and I can still remember strapping on my guitar in my younger days imitating his moves in front of the mirror. Rock On!

On Deck

Fast becoming my favorite menswear/lifestyle publication, Inventory Magazine Issue 03 hits all reputable retailers and e-tailers this month.

The 400 Blows

Fran├žois Truffaut's masterpiece about a lost Parisian school boy who turns to crime has always been a favorite of mine and a must see film. I have to admit that I'm equally fascinated by the seasonal style in this film. Antoine and his classmates are absolutely killing it in their wool, tweeds, knits, cords, cardi's and of course, Antoine's iconic roll neck sweater. I've never seen young kids in a film dressed so well.


Our Legacy - 1940s & Placket Button Down Shirts
I really like flannel shirts this time of year. The light to heavy weight fabric lends itself to layering but can also be worn on its own. The coldest days where I live tend to be described as "brisk" and usually don't require much more than this to keep the chill off unless it rains(which it has recently). I like the muted tones of these by Our Legacy even though you do get some flashes of color. A lot of these shirts I've seen lately by other brands are a little loud for my taste.

The Great Outdoors

Yosemite National Park
A local photographer
Me & The Missus on a hike

I've returned from some much needed R&R and some unfortunate computer issues to report back from my little trip to central California. It was a wonderful time with friends and family and a nice little respite from city life. I was especially excited to get my daughter out of the house and into nature and she loved every minute of it. I heard from a friend that they may be passing legislation to increase driver registration fees and in return, granting U.S citizens free access to all public state parks. I'm not sure if this is a good thing but would motivate me and I hope others to take time to see all the beauty that surrounds us.