Red Wing Dresses Up

Red Wing Dress Boot x Brooks Brothers
Let's not leave the venerable clothier out of the heritage game and assume they don't know what's up. I really like this version of Red Wings classic chukka boot as a more refined option that can be dressed up or down.  Since I'm pretty much an urban dweller(except for occasional jaunts to the beach) I'm looking for ruggedness with a streamlined yet classy look that won't have me mistaken for a construction worker. It may not be the workwear traditionalist choice but I can see these getting beat up over time while still keeping me looking pretty sharp.

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Take Ivy
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Take Ivy
Publisher: powerHouse Books
Publish Date: Aug 2010

Going Brogue

I like the idea of playing with a traditional piece like a brogue shoe and adding just the right amount of edge and differing perspective to it. If your going do a traditional or more conservative look I think you should have at least one piece in the ensemble that's slightly off kilter but still retains the overall aesthetic. I think this is why so many quality Japanese and European brands creating American influenced clothing are so appealing to a lot of westerners. It's trad, prep, work wear, or Americana with that little extra something that makes it unique.

The Works

Universal Works-Hyde Navy Jacket

I have been secretly on the hunt for a proper navy jacket for sometime now. See, I already own one from a reputable Italian label but found that the fabric lends itself to primarily early Spring/Summer and I've wanted one I could wear year round. I've not had much luck doing my usual tour of department stores and such so I decided to go online(probably should've started there to begin with). I stumbled across U.K shop Coggles and was impressed with the selection of known and little known brands.

The brand I was most impressed with was Universal Works, an English clothing brand that prides itself on "Honest...quality garments with a great fit".  I have known this to be true about most quality British clothing so of course I'm interested. I've seen some looks on various blogs including Lineage of Influence but never took the opportunity to investigate. The bottom line is I love this jacket and feel it offers a lot of what I'm looking for( quality construction, sturdy & versatile fabric, great details, and a refined yet casual look). Here's a break down:

Universal Works - Hyde, men's washed navy cotton twill jacket with a notched collar that can be worn up or down. This two button jacket also features a stand pocket, three hip pockets, double button cuff and a single rear vent. Internally the jacket body is fully lined in off white cotton with a single button inside pocket.

At £115.00 ($180) I'd say it's a fair price for what you would pay for something with a lot less going for it. I will keep you posted as to if and when I'm able to aquire this amazing piece. Peace.

My Life,My Life,My Life,My Life

Seu Jorge and Almaz-Everybody Loves the Sunshine

The Forefathers

Madlib Medicine Show: #8 Advanced Jazz
Mixed by the venerable Madlib and available with the other Medicine Show Series at Stones Throw Records

Fall Favorite

Michael Bastian A/W 2010
There has been some wonderful fall collections being presented this upcoming fall by all the great designers. I wanted to choose a collection that I could see myself in this fall that best represented what I appreciate about fashion and a designer that I feel thinks the way I do about fabric, fit, color, and overall aesthetic. It was a hard choice because there is a little something about all types of menswear that I appreciate be it prep, trad, workwear, Americana or European. All I can say is that Michael Bastian in my opinion is one of the best American menswear designers today and from the few pieces I own I can attest to the quality and attention to detail. I hope I can snatch up some of these pieces via splurge or sale this season.

Honorable Mention: Gant x Michael Bastian

Go Green

Everybody is doing it but why not switch it up a bit? I could do without the emblazoned Made In China tag though(C'mon J Crew!).

LeBron's Looks

This months GQ magazine pretty much dedicates itself to LeBron's style and highlights some of his best looks off the court. Some people may not like some of his recent career decisions but you got to respect some of his recent style decisions. I say recent because undoubtedly, he has had a lot of help honing his style since he's become King James either from his boys, stylists, or ....GQ even. I chose these personally because I can see myself in these looks over the next couple of months and actually have similar pieces in my wardrobe(minus the $30,000+ watch of course).

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 In case anyone wants to get me an early birthday present


Wyclef Jean
I'd vote for him. Not the best source but interesting New York Post article.

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Suff Daddy-The Gin Diaries

My vote for album cover of the year. Mellow grooves to end your summer by.

Table Read

The fella's at Inventory sure do make a great looking magazine. I'm probably the last guy to get a copy of this amazing publication but I'm excited nonetheless. After the initial flip through I can tell this issue(#2) is gonna be a winner featuring some of my favorite brands(Margaret Howell,Gitman Vintage,Our Legacy etc), and some beautiful editorials. If you haven't already, get one. 

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