Red Wing Dresses Up

Red Wing Dress Boot x Brooks Brothers
Let's not leave the venerable clothier out of the heritage game and assume they don't know what's up. I really like this version of Red Wings classic chukka boot as a more refined option that can be dressed up or down.  Since I'm pretty much an urban dweller(except for occasional jaunts to the beach) I'm looking for ruggedness with a streamlined yet classy look that won't have me mistaken for a construction worker. It may not be the workwear traditionalist choice but I can see these getting beat up over time while still keeping me looking pretty sharp.

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  1. I had/have some shoes very much like that. They were Clarks but they had a sheen to them and I wore them all the time and would wear them more but I realized, too late, that they were almost a full size too small for me. By the time I tried to re-buy them bigger, they were gone from the face of the retail-oriented Earth.