Mono Y Mono

Steve Mono Leather Goods
Steve Mono is a beautifully crafted leather goods brand out of Madrid by Gonzalo Fonseca. A little about the brand:

"Shapes, materials, finishing are inspired by classic,easy and cool pieces I've seen many times in vintage photo's, books or movies; The kind of briefcases and wallets that men took to their work in office buildings, and that remind  me of that school boy-man look"( I had to paraphrase a bit because his english isn't that great).

Works for me! I've seen some of the pieces on Opening Ceremony's online shop and have always wanted to know more about the brand. Thanks anothersomething for the hot tip!


  1. When I have a real job, the first thing I'm getting is a document bag like the one in the third pic. It's a beaut.

  2. Those briefcases do look mighty good.