Fall Favorite

Michael Bastian A/W 2010
There has been some wonderful fall collections being presented this upcoming fall by all the great designers. I wanted to choose a collection that I could see myself in this fall that best represented what I appreciate about fashion and a designer that I feel thinks the way I do about fabric, fit, color, and overall aesthetic. It was a hard choice because there is a little something about all types of menswear that I appreciate be it prep, trad, workwear, Americana or European. All I can say is that Michael Bastian in my opinion is one of the best American menswear designers today and from the few pieces I own I can attest to the quality and attention to detail. I hope I can snatch up some of these pieces via splurge or sale this season.

Honorable Mention: Gant x Michael Bastian


  1. I'm not considering rolling my jacket sleeves anytime soon and the lighting makes the corduroy look cheap and sheeny. I'm sure that corduroy 3 pc is crazy nice IRL, but it looks bleh in these pics.

  2. I probably should have added that I wouldn't necessarily try some of the quirky style choices(rolled suit sleeves, driving gloves, Berets).

    I wish more of the bigger designers would do more natural look-book shots like the indie brands(Margaret Howell, Engineered Garments,Our Legacy). I think the runway model thing is getting played and not very appealing to today's consumer. I would have loved to have seen the MB line shot like the GantxMB collection in an actual location with stuff going on in the background like the pics from
    the collection release event.

    I can tell you from personal experience that the stuff is made pretty well and that most of the fabrics and construction is done in Italy. I agree these pics probably don't do the collection much justice.