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Universal Works-Hyde Navy Jacket

I have been secretly on the hunt for a proper navy jacket for sometime now. See, I already own one from a reputable Italian label but found that the fabric lends itself to primarily early Spring/Summer and I've wanted one I could wear year round. I've not had much luck doing my usual tour of department stores and such so I decided to go online(probably should've started there to begin with). I stumbled across U.K shop Coggles and was impressed with the selection of known and little known brands.

The brand I was most impressed with was Universal Works, an English clothing brand that prides itself on "Honest...quality garments with a great fit".  I have known this to be true about most quality British clothing so of course I'm interested. I've seen some looks on various blogs including Lineage of Influence but never took the opportunity to investigate. The bottom line is I love this jacket and feel it offers a lot of what I'm looking for( quality construction, sturdy & versatile fabric, great details, and a refined yet casual look). Here's a break down:

Universal Works - Hyde, men's washed navy cotton twill jacket with a notched collar that can be worn up or down. This two button jacket also features a stand pocket, three hip pockets, double button cuff and a single rear vent. Internally the jacket body is fully lined in off white cotton with a single button inside pocket.

At £115.00 ($180) I'd say it's a fair price for what you would pay for something with a lot less going for it. I will keep you posted as to if and when I'm able to aquire this amazing piece. Peace.

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  1. I've been looking into Universal Works more recently as well. Let me know if you grab anything.