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His work rekindled my appreciation for living in California.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

These are a pair of my vintage Rossi Australian work boots. They are synonymous with outdoor rugged goodness and the outback. Now, when most people think of boots from Australia they might be picturing some monstrosity such as these but I plead with you to consider these as more suitable option. Some more options below:

R.M Williams

Here is a bit of info about the boot:

-via wikipedia

An Australian work boot (or generically elastic-sided boot) is a style of work shoe, typically constructed with a leather upper bound together with elastic sides and pull tabs on the front and back of the boot. The shoe lacks a tongue, and laces, and often contains a steel toe cap for occupational health and safety reasons. When the shoe contains a steel cap they are often known as "safety boots" or "steel toe boots". The boots generally lack an inner lining. The sole is generally polyurethane and the leather uppers are treated to be resistant to hot water, fats and mild alkaline and acid solutions.....the shoes are typically worn as safety boots in occupationally hazardous environments, as ordinary work boots for people whose work is occasionally hazardous and who need to enter hazardous sites, as formal dress boots, as riding boots, or for particular aesthetic purposes.

Now I'm gonna go out on a pretty big limb here and predict the Aussie boot to be the next it boot for fall. I say this because I've already seen it sneaked into a couple of F/W menswear collections and I really think we will see it in more as an alternative to rugged staple, the Red Wing. Anybody want to call B.S on that? Thoughts?


Ami F/W 2011
I'm always excited when I hear about new brands coming out of France. With all the attention currently on Italian or Anglo-italian menswear its good to see that the French still have it. I was first alerted to parisian brand Ami through menswear site dieworkwear and was instantly taken by the look and styling of the brand. As a fan of A.p.c and Kitsune I think Ami continues what the french do best which is chic, sophisticated, causal wear but with a bit of luxury.

Long Hot Summer

Great song and video with some great style elements. Paul Weller rolling around on that blanket is not one of them.


Well,I'll spare you the gratuitous photo's of clothes and their stylish designers and just get to the point. I had a pretty good time checking out all that the new breed(and old) of menswear, footwear and accessory brands will have to offer us in the coming seasons. I met some pretty cool and some cranky people who did their best to highlight the finer points of their wares in the splendor of casino lights and Nevada heat (114F). Why they have it in Vegas out of all the places in the western part of the U.S I'll never know. I did get a chance to partake in some Vegas fun though and even caught up on some R&R. Now back to work.

Style & Error

Mr.Thom Whiddett

Mr. Luke Sweeney

Mr. Nick Sullivan

Mr. Jake Walters

Mats Klingberg

Mr. Kalaho Mayombo

As somewhat of an anglophile I do like to keep abreast on things british, style-wise, with Lineage of Influence being one of my favorite online stops. I'm not sure what it is but they always seem to keep it fresh while staying true to their menswear tradition. I do want to take the opportunity to wish the people of London well and a speedy recovery. 

I'm not sure why I hadn't heard of U.K blog Style & Error or Tom Stubbs earlier as he seems to be a leading figure in menswear over there but I'm glad I did. His blog, especially these Stance video's are pretty cool. It's great to see people in the street rockin' there looks and showcasing their individual style. Someone in the U.S needs to do a version of this (GiltMANual?) You may not be familiar with all these guys but one thing they have in common, Mr. Stubbs included is great style. The watch game of these gents is also very on point. Enjoy!


These guys make some pretty funky far out stuff.