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As somewhat of an anglophile I do like to keep abreast on things british, style-wise, with Lineage of Influence being one of my favorite online stops. I'm not sure what it is but they always seem to keep it fresh while staying true to their menswear tradition. I do want to take the opportunity to wish the people of London well and a speedy recovery. 

I'm not sure why I hadn't heard of U.K blog Style & Error or Tom Stubbs earlier as he seems to be a leading figure in menswear over there but I'm glad I did. His blog, especially these Stance video's are pretty cool. It's great to see people in the street rockin' there looks and showcasing their individual style. Someone in the U.S needs to do a version of this (GiltMANual?) You may not be familiar with all these guys but one thing they have in common, Mr. Stubbs included is great style. The watch game of these gents is also very on point. Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous8/11/2011

    Hey Damien, cheers for the kind words, glad you're still enjoying the blog!

    I'd not heard of style & Error either but it's now bookmarked for the future, great heads up.

  2. Anonymous8/16/2011

    Stubbs is NOT a leading figure in menswear. He is only a journalist and stylist. He chooses the clothes for the fat-arse who presents the UK X-factor, a role which he should be embarrassed about, but the man clearly has no sense of shame. Despite being as camp as a row of tents, his style and error blog has a loyal following of at least 3 individuals who post acerbic comments,especially regarding Stubbs' lack of personal taste.

  3. Anonymous8/16/2011

    The blog is very Brit humour, but worth a look. Go to a hobo type style stance subject named nash mahmood, the comments are really funny.

  4. LOF- To you too!

    Anon 1-I guess you are not doing your job if everyone likes you though right?

    Anon 2-I get the humor and is one of the reasons why I enjoy. The style without taking it so seriously is what says something.

  5. Anonymous8/17/2011

    I agree with Anon 1- choosing clothes for blubberbutt O'Leary is no job for a man. The blog is funny mainly because of the comments that get posted after stubbs puts a new subject up, and not because of stubbs. It should be noted that stubbs gets VERY petulant & defensive on particular subjects, and his audience seem to realise this and bait him all the more.

  6. Anonymous8/19/2011

    concerning the Nash post - 18th May- stubbs has taken off the best comments. I think he may get significant discount from this shop so won't allow negative comments- democracy huh!!!! Although there are some good digs on the post about lanvin and the luke sweeney one. Awesome stuff.