Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

These are a pair of my vintage Rossi Australian work boots. They are synonymous with outdoor rugged goodness and the outback. Now, when most people think of boots from Australia they might be picturing some monstrosity such as these but I plead with you to consider these as more suitable option. Some more options below:

R.M Williams

Here is a bit of info about the boot:

-via wikipedia

An Australian work boot (or generically elastic-sided boot) is a style of work shoe, typically constructed with a leather upper bound together with elastic sides and pull tabs on the front and back of the boot. The shoe lacks a tongue, and laces, and often contains a steel toe cap for occupational health and safety reasons. When the shoe contains a steel cap they are often known as "safety boots" or "steel toe boots". The boots generally lack an inner lining. The sole is generally polyurethane and the leather uppers are treated to be resistant to hot water, fats and mild alkaline and acid solutions.....the shoes are typically worn as safety boots in occupationally hazardous environments, as ordinary work boots for people whose work is occasionally hazardous and who need to enter hazardous sites, as formal dress boots, as riding boots, or for particular aesthetic purposes.

Now I'm gonna go out on a pretty big limb here and predict the Aussie boot to be the next it boot for fall. I say this because I've already seen it sneaked into a couple of F/W menswear collections and I really think we will see it in more as an alternative to rugged staple, the Red Wing. Anybody want to call B.S on that? Thoughts?


  1. Anonymous8/30/2011

    My old pair of Redback boots are my favourite work boots, easy to get on and off when ther're dirty entering the inside, generally they're as tough as old boots! But I prefer my lace up RedWings for hunting because of the ankle support.

    Generally speaking though, most Aussies only know about what we call 'Blunnies' as a hard wearing boot. Most have no idea about the other purpose built boots from the USA.

  2. There is a store in the neighbourhood that I just moved into in Vancouver that only sells Australian work boots. I thought it was pretty cool. When I spent a month in Australia working in Victoria our leader had a pair of blundstores and I've been interested since.

  3. @ Wholelarderlove- I can see the Aussies not making as big a deal about the style as Americans would.

    @Chris-Hope you get to grab a pair. I think Vancouver would be great environment to have them, Need to get back there again.