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New York City Trip
I've recently returned from my trip to N.Y and even though I returned to a pretty horrendous  home situation I'm still jazzed from the time I spent there. New York is a place like no other , with an energy like no other, and inspiration at every turn. I'm happy to report that I didn't experience much of what some people assume the negative aspects of the city might be. People were generally cool, well behaved and even welcoming. I must say that you can feel quite isolated even though there is so many people and so much going on all the time. I was glad there were people we knew that taught us the In's and outs of living in such a magnificent city. I hopefully will be going back sooner than later. Also, you know I couldn't go to New York without some choice shopping. See below...
The Cafe at Freeman's
I also hope to have some great shots developed from my 35mm Minolta SRT101 that I'll try to post soon.

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  1. the isolation is one of my favorite things about New York. like being alone... in a crowd.