I started thinking this week how perfect a time it is to stock up on your fall basics. It is probably the furthest thing from folks minds right now and that's why. Before other's start considering knitwear, earth-tones, and the quintessential fall shoe you can get a jump on them by grabbing that signature piece for the season at a fraction of the cost. I think I found mine in this made in Italy, lightweight, wool/cashmere, herringbone jacket I found by Burberry. As you can tell it is in flawless condition and stacked with great details including natural shoulders, notched lapels, three button roll and side vents. The pic's really don't do it justice as the fabric is so light and supple and the tone is just beautiful and versatile. It truly is luxurious in everything but the price...
It will need just a tad bit of tailoring and I'll be doing my best country gent impression this fall. Happy hunting!

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