Race Day

I'm heading out to participate in my company's annual benefit Yacht Race today and I'm more than excited. I love the ocean, especially sailing and have tried to make it a part of my life as much I have an opportunity to do so. I've always been inspired by JFK's out of the oval office attire so I put together today's kit based one of his iconic looks out on his boat. It's not quite Hyannis port but I think captures that spirit nicely. Wish me God's speed!

Polo-Corneliani Collection
Chino's-RL G1 Slims
Shoes-Common Projects
Shades-Oliver Peoples
Watch-Vintage Omega Speedmaster


  1. Very nice, indeed. You definitely hit the look.

    ...but would JFK wear Ralph, or would he prefer to find a ponyless alternative?


  2. Kionon,

    Thanks for stopping by! That's a good question. Would JFK have worn Polo? Seeing that JFK's style as well as other cultural figures from that era are so seared into the American menswear conscience, It's hard to believe brands like Polo, Tommy H, Nautica, J.Crew etc, would've came to be without the influence those people had on many of our top designers today. Also, if I'm not mistaken, men's sportswear was probably a more niche industry than it is today with fewer big brands and more regional manufacturing so who knows? Food for thought. Anyone else have an opinion?