Men's File

I've been wanting to get a copy of this and was surprised to see it at my local newsstand/liquor store. It appears to be gaining popularity in the men's lifestyle world and I think it's being stocked in the JCrew's and other reputable men's clothing stores around the world. It has a cornucopia (always wanted to use that word) of manly topics, recommendations, style, products, interests and worldly pursuits within it's pages. The magazine seems to be geared towards gearheads, surfers, skaters, cyclists, and just about every subculture out there. I haven't really dug into it yet but I think it will be a good read.


  1. ThisSunday9/14/2010

    Great mag. Nice to see it getting some love. Nice blog btw.

  2. Looks interesting, I'll have to try to find it in SoCal.