The Goods

2012 has been a little hectic so far so it was nice to get a little bit of retail relief in the form of this care package from the folks at Unionmade. I'm probably the last dude to get a copy of Inventory's fall issue #5 and have been quite anxious to get it. I have also been wanting to finally try some of Australia's luxury grooming products from Aesop and let me tell you, I'm very pleased. The stuff is quality and smells so good It might be over for the Rite Aid stuff.

Delfonics is a Japanese stationary company that I've been reading about from various online sources so I thought I'd pick up one of their wooden ball point pens with the hope I'd start writing more this year. Unionmade sure know what guys like and provided me with some nice things to start the new year with. Thanks!

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