Side Project

Some Styling 
Getting Stock In Order

It's always scary trying new things especially when it's something that you've always felt a connection to but never thought you would actually have the opportunity to do. I started my professional career in retail but left it behind because of personal and professional reasons. I've always had a passion for it but was never in a situation where I could contribute my ideas. An opportunity at a local vintage shop has come were I've been asked to start contributing creatively as well as learn how to run a storefront. I really love the shop, its merchandise and some of the things we are going to try. Stay tuned...


  1. Sounds great! Good luck!

  2. Anonymous11/24/2010

    Fantastic stuff! It sounds like a great opportunity and I've no doubt you'll make it work.

    Looking forward to seeing the results.

  3. Anonymous11/24/2010

    Nice. Aren't you in the San Diego area? We were just down there this weekend. I would've loved to have stopped by and checked out the store.

  4. @Skip- Thx man!

    @LOI- Appreciate the kind words. Should be fun.

    @US- I am. I'll be posting a link on this blog soon so people can check out what's happening and maybe find some cool stuff. It's mostly vintage American Sportwear, shoes and Americana with some new stuff mixed in in.