Bean Boot Shmeen Boot

Cloud Logo Sperry Topsider 7 eye Leather Boot
Just a little jab at the ribs of all my L.L Bean loving blogger buddies out there. Actually, I've long been envious of the throngs of north-easterners who have enjoyed that iconic shoe. I stumbled upon these lovely boots for a song at a post Black Friday sale and decided to add them to my fall shoe arsenal. What I like most is that I get rugged style while still maintaining the SoCal casualness of the deck shoe. I don't foresee much snow around these parts but do expect a little more rain so these should come in handy. You gotta love that cloud logo too!

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  1. Being s SoCal guy myself, I can't really get behind the Bean Boot. Don't get me wrong, I dig the shoe, but in SoCal, I'd almost never wear it. Just not a need. I do dig the Sperry boots. Just rugged enough to look cool, but way more functional.