I have a growing collection of bandanas and pocket squares that I love. My wardrobe leans towards casual to business casual so I have trouble figuring out how best to use them when they are not tucked into my back pocket. I got this Beams Plus bandana from Inventory  awhile back that I thought I'd play around with.


  1. I know what you mean about a growing collection of bandanas--The Hillside ones have been my obsession of late. What's your favorite?

  2. I own a Hillside and a couple RRL's as well and they are topnotch. I like a thinner lightweight cotton so I tend to haul around my a.p.c and believe it or not a Lucky Brand version that I got for like $5. I did pick up a couple of vintage color-fasts from Inspiration L.A (recent post) that I'm looking forward to trying out. Cheers!