Willy T.

Willy T.Ribbs
This guy must have some stories to tell

1.The first African American to qualify and compete in the Indianapolis 500. 2.Winner of the Formula Ford Dunlop Championship in Europe.3.Recipient of two "Driver of the Year" titles while driving for such racing icons as Dan Gurney, Jack Roush and Derek Walker.4.The first African American to compete in NASCAR's Winston Cup series.5.First African American to compete in CART/Indy Car Championship in partnership with entertainer, Bill Cosby.6.The first and only African American to test for Formula 1 Grand Prix team in Estroil, Portugal.

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  1. Unfortunately, racing is a sport that requires a huge amount of time and money. And to so many kids, both white and black, that door is shut. Racing is very much a rich man's sport.