Fond Memories

photo by Maile Lani
A couple of summers ago I got a chance to visit New Orleans and spent some time in the French Quarter. The highlight was a late night stop at the famed Cafe Du Monde. I sipped hot french roast and scarfed down way to many beignets. I've thought of purchasing these items below from the online store to tide me over till my next trip.


  1. I'm maybe going to New Orleans this fall...

    And you should definitely get that mug and mix to brighten up your life!

  2. Thanks, I just might. Thanks for stopping by Will!

  3. The only time I had beignets was in Chicago at the Grand Lux Cafe. I had never heard of them and asked my fellow diners what they were. What they were was awesome! You don't find them much in Southern California where I am. I miss them.