The Dove

I'm sure by now people who have stopped by this blog know I like obscure films. There is nothing more fun than coming across an odd, ambitious film that didn't quite catch on or is more  a cult favorite than a blockbuster. I stumbled upon this film through a vintage John Barry soundtrack Lp at my local record shop. The cover really intrigued me as well as the film listing Gregory Peck (you know, Mockingbird) as the producer. 

The 1974 film is based on the true story of teenager Robin Lee Graham's attempt to sail around the world on his boat Dove in 1965. Robin also meets his future wife while on his journey which makes for quite a harrowing and romantic adventure if you ask me. I haven't seen it yet but I got my local video store transferring a rare VHS copy to dvd for me. It should be a nice lazy summer day movie to enjoy.

- Speaking of adventures, this is also my 300th post! Thanks to those following this blog and the friends made along the way!

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