Green Label

Everyone has there favorite whether it's Alden, Allen Edmonds, Bass, Florsheim, Trickers, Church's, or Clarks that people swear by. Mine is Paraboot. I think it was the the little green tag that first got my attention so strategically placed on the shoe. I think it's perfect branding in my opinion. Other shoe makers do it but for me it works best on this brand. They are expensive, but this is the second pair I've acquired via ebay(I own a version of these). They won't be the last as long as people keep putting them on there for cheap. I tend to get romantic about where things come from and the fact that they are made in France adds to my fascination with the brand.

From the site:

Present, nowadays, across all the continents, Paraboot has been manufacturing in France, for almost 100 years, shoes made to last and for walking as far as possible, using the strengths and skilled hands of men and women."Authenticity, quality and charm for a true and natural product" Such is our motto! By simultaneously discovering boots and latex during a visit to the Americas, Remy Richard-Ponvert, the founder of Paraboot, came upon the idea of combining the two to make quality footwear.The result is a brand with ever-increasing worldwide prestige and distribution.


  1. I remember Paraboot being really big in the 90s, but then fading from popularity. I thought they had gone out of business until I heard about them again a few years ago. Expensive but really nice stuff. That Socrates model is beautiful.

  2. Have a look on this!