Verb: Spend (money) freely or extravagantly: "we splurged on T-bone steaks".
Noun: An act of spending money freely or extravagantly: "the pre-Christmas splurge".
-via Wikipedia-Dictionary
Yes I did. It was the best $ $$$.$$ I've spent this year not to mention one of the most beautiful fragrances I've had the pleasure of filling my home with. Hiroki Nakamura of Japanese brand Visvim really knows how to create and develop quality lifestyle products. The F.I.L candle is a collaboration with Parisian perfume house Blaise Mautin and I believe is the brands signature scent. I was told by a gentleman at Union the scent fills the air of many of the Visvim stores in Japan.


  1. nice cop bro. what's it smell like? I was thinking of getting a Joya one. Got my Malin + Goetz dark rum candle confiscated from my dorm room last year. no smoke detectors or RA's in my current abode, so I'm shopping around. can't drop that kind of $ on a candle right now though.

  2. It's a very hard fragrance to nail down actually. I can't really identify a particular scent. It really creates this vibe like I would imagine a crisp, after the rain in a forest or shrine in Japan would smell. It's pretty amazing. It also comes in a room spray that I plan on getting my hands on also.