Any Given Day

Well, mostly on casual days and weekends anyway. I've begun to narrow down my wardrobe to the essential pieces that define my style and approach to fashion. It's not much to look at but it's me and feel like understated and refined is really my aesthetic. I've definitely experimented with many a trend over the last year and a half(Workwear, Anglo-italian, fashion forward, japanese street-style) but think classic American with a lean towards prep is probably my preferred style. Actually the biggest thing I've embraced is fit and have even enjoyed a more slender, european approach to it.

The style could be described as euro-prep if there is such a thing. It probably is more of a french approach to prep than anything but I have not gone full strangle hold with it. Quality is also my new conviction as well. No more cheap clothes is my new mantra. I'm not saying buy expensive but if it's something I plan on wearing for the next 5 years it better be the best my money can buy and not just the most popular brands. Tried and tested brands with a good if not great manufacturing tradition is where my money is going from now on. I'm Just saying.

Disclaimer-I don't actually own those J.M Weston loafers. Yet.

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