I'm going to shoot some photo's today and was feeling a bit 80s inspired.

   Shirt-Band of Outsiders
   Denim-Vintage Levi's 501xx
   Shoe-Common Projects
   Frames-Oliver Peoples
   Watch-Vintage Seiko 5 Automatic
   Camera-Zeiss Ikon 35mm


  1. The photo is all inspiring as I just recently acquired my Levis 501XX jeans. I am truly in love with the shirt in the picture but cannot locate it anywhere on line. Please provide the style number and any other numbers on the shirt label. I truly love your photo. Thanks. LoJo

  2. @ Lois
    Thanks! Unfortunately I don't have a style # for the BoO shirt. I picked it up in L.A about three years ago so it's probably not a style that is made anymore. I would recommend hitting up ebay for something similar and probably a lot less expensive than what I paid for it at the time. Good luck and thanks for your comment!

  3. Thanks Junctioned for your response. I've done exactly as you suggested and found a similar item on eBay. Your blog is wonderful. Thank You.