I've been thinking a lot lately about the idea of everyday items. The things that you really can't leave the house without and rely on heavily in your day to day activities. I've pretty much, with exception to my mobile device, have determined that these are it for me. I'm not referencing the brand of the items as much as what each item represents to me and my daily life.

Sunglasses-Ray-Ban Aviators. I drive A LOT and pretty much can't get on the road without them.

Pen-Zebra F-701. Even with the reliance on mobile devices for communication you really can't do much without a reliable pen around. This is mine.

Watch-Vintage 60s Citizen Manual. I've got many watches but none that I really consider strictly an everyday. I'd been eyeing this one on eBay for a long time and finally decided to pull the trigger. I imagine it belonged to someone who really needed a simple, reliable, everyday watch during a not so simple time in history.

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