Transit Ostend

In 1981, Marvin Gaye, the all time champion of soul music, took refuge in Ostend, a little town located on the Belgian coast. Marvin’s choice to lay anchor in Ostend was totally unexpected, not to say incredible. On the fact of it, there was no reason for this charismatic character to come and live in the home town of famous Belgian impressionistic painter James Ensor.
Marvin nevertheless remained in Ostend for nearly two years. He went back to the States to receive a Grammy Award for his latest album “Sexual Healing”. He died in Los Angeles on 1 April 1984, shot dead at home by his own father, a clergyman.

"Twenty years after the making of a first 29 minute film entitled,Marvin Gaye Transit Ostend, I decided to make this second documentary film. It’s my way of bringing to life the picture Marvin Gaye dedicated to me."

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